How to choose a Commercial Builder

Constructing an Industrial Building: What’s Involved

Building in Western Australia can be a smooth and efficient process. Built Ink, as one of the prominent commercial builders in Perth provides excellence in design and construction combined with extensive experience to find the ideal solution for your commercial or industrial development.

It is our partnership with our clients and consultants, whether from feasibility & site acquisition, concept and design to build, all aspects of your project can be seamlessly integrated to safeguard its viability and vision.

Below is a simple break down as to the process of building a commercial or industrial building with a design and build contract.

1. Project Feasibility

Involves calculating the initial viability of the project and includes considering land, project potential and the ability to determine if the venture is economical. It is generally where Built Ink is engaged and involves determining the design parameters of the site.

2. Plan Development

An initial design concept is generated. Once the concept is approved by the client and has met all requirements for your business a Design and Construction contract is drawn. Alternatively, if plans are just sought, a design contract only is drawn.

The project then progresses to Development Application. In this process Built Ink engages relevant consultants including Energy Efficiency, Hydraulics and the required Government and Council bodies to ensure your development meets the Building Codes.

(If plans are drawn by a 3rd party, here may be the point where Built Ink are engaged to tender on the Building License Application and/or Construction of the project)

3. Building License

Once Development Application is approved, a Building Application and License is sought. This requires the Built Ink design and engineering team, collaboratively with the required Consultants, to detail all working drawings correctly and thoroughly. Once complete all plans are submitted to the Council for approval. If not already done so, a License to begin construction is also sought at this time.

4. Construction

In the process of constructing an industrial building, effective construction project management is crucial, orchestrating all phases from design to completion to ensure efficiency, safety, and adherence to timelines.

Construction of the project commences within the agreed timelines. Built Ink hold weekly construction meetings to maintain progress and ensure an efficient, smooth build. During the process of construction, progress payments are made in accordance with the Contract Schedule.

5. Handover

Our administration team engages all consultants, trades and the client to collate the required documentation to have the building certified and submitted for Occupancy Permit. As the building is finished a Practical Completion Notice is signed and the Maintenance Period begins. Final payments are made, and the building is handed to the client.

Working with experienced commercial builders in Perth is a pivotal step in ensuring the seamless integration of design, functionality, and compliance in the construction of an industrial building.

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