Built Ink’s Health Policy for Coronavirus COVID-19

Built Ink’s Health Policy for Coronavirus COVID-19

Built Ink has been closely monitoring the recent data on the Coronavirus, increase of cases in Perth and the bans being imposed on international travel.

Due to our concerns for the health and safety of our workers, at Built Ink we have worked together with our team and sub-contractors to ensure that we implement a Health and Safety Policy around coronavirus COVID-19.

We wish to ensure all staff and sub-contractors that their health is our utmost priority and ask that they respect the implementation of this policy as a means to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Our policy outlines the process to handling coronavirus COVID-19:

    1. A guide to symptoms of the Coronavirus COVID-19
    2. The process to follow if you have the symptoms symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19
    3. The process of quarantine and who should quarantine
    4. Basic hand washing hygiene technique

A copy of our policy is available at your request.

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