How to choose a Commercial Builder

How to choose a Commercial Builder

It can be a challenge choosing the right builder, especially a Perth Commercial Builder. The Perth commercial building industry isn’t short of builders but there are a few key things to consider before signing that contract.

Commercial building projects are very different from residential builds. They are slightly more complex, require a number of consultants and have additional aspects to consider.

So making that decision isn’t one you will take lightly but here are a few tips to consider to help guide you through the process.

1. Consider the type of commercial or industrial building you require and make a shortlist of Perth builders.

Choosing any Perth commercial builder will not work. Each company specialises in a type of building and the type of construction service your project requires will determine how to make the shortlist.

Does your building require commercial tilt-up concrete construction, additional fire and safety standards, a complex interior fit-out? Does your building sit in Tier 1, 2 or 3 in terms of construction? Consider the end product and what it will need from a commercial builder.

Then consider reviews, licenses, and accreditation. Are they a part of the government and corporate bodies that help maintain a high level of workmanship and standards within the industry like the Master Builders Association, Property Council of Australia or Builder Designers Association?

Based on your findings you will be able to create a shortlist of commercial builders who will be best suited to your project.

2. Choose a Perth commercial builder who is experienced and specialises in commercial and industrial projects?

Commercial and industrial buildings have their own complexities and each build isn’t the same. Therefore, an experienced builder will be able to recognise this and ensure the delivery of results every time. An experienced commercial builder will also have reliable subcontractors and suppliers. Meaning the build quality will be better and the likelihood of disruptions or delays will be minimal.

If you have industrial land within Western Australia, choosing a Perth builder who specialises in commercial and industrial buildings you are guaranteed 3 things; efficiency, cost viability and quality.

Specialised commercial builders in Perth understand whether the project is an investment or a new place of business, that time is of the essence, costs need to be economically viable and that the structural integrity and functionality of the building need to be of the highest quality. Being located in Perth also means they are close to the site allowing site supervision to be maximised.

3. Look at their previous work

Most Perth commercial builders will have a gallery or portfolio of work on their website for you to view. Look into their work and ensure their style and product are what you and your commercial project are after.

It also allows you to view the quality of work that they produce. At Built Ink, we encourage potential clients to organise a drive day with us to inspect our finished work.

4. Chat with the builder and/or architect in person.

Engaging in a conversation with the commercial builder can help answer any questions you have regarding construction project management and allow you to understand what they offer.

A good Perth commercial builder will be upfront about their services and provide input as to what can be achieved with your project.

To see if Built Ink is the best option for your project get in touch.

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