A Night to Innovate | Open Warehaus Launch

A Night to Innovate | Open Warehaus Launch


Wednesday night, the 5th June saw a room full of Building Industry including designers, builders, trades, consultants, council, past and present clients and media. Then they come together to celebrate the launch of Open Warehaus.

Company’s fifth birthday

Open Warehaus marks the beginning of a series of invite only events, think tanks ranging from larger events to intimate long tables. An innovative step taken by relatively young building company Built Ink to build a discussion for the state’s future. It was also the Company’s fifth birthday.

‘See at Built Ink we understand to create change it starts with a discussion, to create business it starts with a connection that then builds into trust. To create a sustainable partnership means also to create business that benefits both parties. Thus this mutually’ explains Business Development Manager Cara Little, who initiated the series as a new way to discuss business while networking.

Built Ink Director Michael Little states, ‘Business isn’t what it used to be’. Adding ‘We are all in this wedge together. It has forced everyone in the industry to think smarter and operate more efficiently. Take on more volume for less margin, re-negotiate overheads and expenses, and run extremely lean’.

Orange-lit Industrial Warehouse

The Warehaus Launch night welcomed guests into an orange lit industrial warehouse recently completed by Built Ink. They then enjoyed the company of fellow colleagues. They were drinking Wise Wines, eating delicate canapes, tasting Sin Gin. On the other hand the latest electric Jaguar I-Pace and Land Rovers were on show thanks to sponsor Barbagallo. Hanson Concrete was also a key sponsor on the night. The Hanson Concrete recently secured a long term partnership with Built Ink. They had also completed the event with a big Concrete Truck.

In fact Commonwealth Bank also came onboard as major sponsors seeing the industrial scene within WA as an area gaining great grounds in the economic climate.

To summarize, the night was a big success, establishing Built Ink as a new and future player in the industrial construction industry. ‘I gauge the success on the night by the conversations that are had afterwards and so far they have been fantastic’. ‘So good that we wanted many to be involved in the next series installment. This indicates to me that relationships are being formed and that to me is all I can ask for’. Mrs Little stated.

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